Andreas Gikas – Wine Producer 

Growing up around in an environment of winemaking was an important catalyst in making Gikas Winery what it is today. Having completed his degree in chemistry in 1980 at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, he was eager to investigate the properties of wine and the complexities of winemaking. Andreas formally acquired his certificate as Oenologist from the Greek Ministry of Agriculture after successfully passing the required exams. By 1983, the winemaker had opened the wine lab, collaborating over the next 30 years with private wineries and wine cooperatives across Greece. His in-depth experience encouraged him to exploit the family vineyards and establish the winery in Spata, not far from Athens. 

Vasiliki Gika – Production Manager 

In 2000, the winemaker's eldest daughter completed her oenology and wine growing studies in Bordeaux and Toulouse, subsequently working for one year at the prestigious University of Wine in Suze la Rousse – right in the heart of France's Rhône Valley vineyards. She returned to Greece to help establish and launch the most recent Gikas vineyards at the foothills of Mount Kithairon in Central Greece. In parallel, she worked at the Gikas wine lab and winery, contributing valuable knowledge from the best in the industry and strengthening her own experience in the field.