The fertile valleys of mainland Greece are home to some of the best vineyards in the country. With almost 150 years of winemaking that spans four generations, the Gikas family has been creating outstanding variety of wines from this blessed region.

19th Century

The family's fascinating winemaking journey began in 1875 when the vineyards belonged to two estate owning families – Skouze and Cambas – where the children of Great Grandfather Gikas tended to the vineyards as caretakers and winegrowers. This was the beginning of a love affair with winemaking, as the children grew to become experts in the field.

20th Century

When the estate owners decided to dispose of their properties in the beginning of the 19th century, the Gikas clan invested in vineyards that it had come to love. This winegrowing tradition continued throughout the 20th century, being passed down from generation to generation. As the city of Athens expanded and industry grew with it to surrounding areas, the Gikas family relocated its winegrowing area beyond the plains of Attica in Spata to the fertile hills and valleys of Viotia.


Today, its prized vineyards lie at the slopes of Mount Kithairon – a place revered by the wine god Dionysus in Greek mythology – marking a new era for winegrowing in what is considered one of Central Greece's best wine-growing regions.